The JAWs and the RCIYC

The Jersey Association of Windsurfers has become part of the Royal Channel Island Yacht Club (RCIYC).

The RCYIC is based in St Aubins and as well as being one of the oldest “Royal” yacht clubs it has a very active sailing program particularly for junior members and is working to become an RYA training centre. As of 1st September 2018 all of the JAWs’ assets were transferred to RCIYC ownership and JAWS members who wanted to join the RCIYC were welcomed into it.

Windsurfing has been added to the RCIYC’s existing Hobie Cat and Wayfarer sessions for cadets and  junior windsurfing sessions have moved from their base in Gorey/St Catherines to St Aubins Bay.

Future windsurfing events will be run as part of the RCIYC’s sailing programme. Windsurfers who have not transferred to the RCIYC can still take part in these events subject to completing an entry form and paying a nominal fee.

The provision of 3rd party liability insurance to members has ended, so it is important that everyone obtains their own cover as this is required by law. Insurance is available through the RYA, some home insurance policies and specialist providers.

For more information about windsurfing in Jersey go to: