Jersey Windsurfing Club to merge with RCIYC

Dear Windsurfers

As you may remember from the AGM and following emails, the conclusion reached at the AGM was that due to declining membership in recent years the windsurfing club would no longer be sustainable in it’s current form.

We discussed the option of joining with one of the other sailing clubs in order to safeguard the successful junior windsurfing program and continue to have representation for windsurfing in Jersey and we are pleased to announce that we have accepted an offer to merge with the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club (RCIYC).

About the RCIYC
The RCYIC is based in St Aubins and as well as being one of the oldest “Royal” yacht clubs it has a very active sailing program particularly for junior members and is working to become an RYA training centre. As such we believe it will be a very good fit to help us continue our junior program and represent us at local and Island Games levels.

What will happen?
As of 1st September 2018 all of the clubs assets (primarily the club van, dinghy and windsurfing equipment plus the remaining cash balance) will be transferred to RCIYC ownership and paid up members (prior to 1st August cut-off) will have the opportunity to transfer their membership to the RCIYC for the remainder of the year with no additional joining fee.

What will change?
Those who transfer their membership to RCIYC will have full use of the clubs facilities in St Aubins including the bar, restaurant and changing facilities. There are regular sailing opportunities for members be it on yachts or Hobie Cats and cadet sessions on Wayfarers or Hobie Dragoons most weekends from spring to autumn and RYA courses through the summer (cadet membership does not allow parents to access the club facilities though due to licencing).

We will be able to use the clubs RIBs and race markers etc. for running races or other events such as open days.

Non-members will be able to participate in club events (eg. slalom championships) subject to completing an entry form and paying a nominal fee.

The junior sessions will move from their base in Gorey/St Catherines to St Aubins following the summer holidays. We appreciate that this could take some getting used to but the the St Aubins Fort/Belcroute area offers a great sheltered area to learn and there are good bus routes to St Aubins so we hope it will be a good compromise for those living out East and West.

The provision of 3rd party liability insurance to members will end from 31st August 2018 but insurance is available through the RYA, some home insurance policies or specialist providers. (It is still a requirement to hold 3rd party insurance to windsurf in Jersey).

The page will be shut down and there will be a windsurfing section set up on the RCIYC webpage. You’ll still be able to use the Jersey Windsurfing Facebook pages to keep in touch with each other but they won’t be officially linked to the club.

From 2019 onward those who want to remain members of the RCIYC will have to pay annual renewal fees inline with RCIYC policy (currently £84 for an adult single membership; £21 for students; and £12 for cadets). Any new members will have to apply through the normal RCIYC process and pay an additional joining fee.

What do you need to do?
If you want to transfer your membership to the RCIYC you will need to fill out the application form and return it to us to pass on to the yacht club, there is also a separate parental consent form for those under 18. The deadline for this is 1st August.

Membership forms can be found on the links below:
Please return completed forms to

If you haven’t yet renewed your membership for 2018 you have until the 1st August to do so in order to transfer to the RCIYC.

Hope to see you on the water soon
Jersey Windsurfing

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