On the water

  • Fun and competitive events.

Off the water

  • Social dinner and drinks evenings.

 Insurance and Harbour Office Registration

  • All members are automatically covered by our third party insurance when windsurfing in the island, insurance does not cover you when out of the island.
  • You will also be registered with the Harbour Office, a legal necessity.
  • If not a member you must pay a fee for each of your boards

Equipment for Sale

  • Come along to our car boot sales and find what you want, or get rid of your old kit.

How to Join

  1. Download the membership form by clicking here
  2. Complete the form and send it to us by post.
  3. Either pay your membership by cheque or transfer money to our account using online banking.

See the membership form for prices, where to send it and bank details.
See our Privacy Statement to see how the information on the membership form will be used.